Hello! I am a photographer and journalist in Dakar, Senegal. For the past 11 years, most of my reporting has been in West and Central Africa, where I covered the Ebola crisis and migration trends, but I also work on long-term storytelling that focuses on women's issues, subcultures and more. I love covering people who are disrupting the system: rebels and revolutionaries. My work has appeared in, among other outlets, The New York Times, The New Yorker and NPR. I also taught photojournalism at the University of Dakar and often conduct journalist trainings. I am passionate about helping develop sustainable infrastructures for local reporting, especially in West Africa.

Besides work, I have two daughters with my husband, who is a budding Senegalese fashion designer. Sometimes he makes me silk jumpsuits, which is my preferred uniform.

I speak English (native) and French (fluent) and am working on my Wolof. I can be reached via email:  ricci.shryock@gmail.com. 


Instagram: ricci_s

Twitter: ricci_sh